Food and Health Tech Finland to establish a partnership with F-One Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

A big deal of even healthy, clean and tasty food might still not be exportable to China due to the requirements of the national food standards and customs regulations. They are often not equal to the european ones. Compliance to the chinese regulations is very difficult to know beforehand for any particular product. To avoid problems in customs clearance, and possible later consumer complaints and claims, a thorough clarification of the compliance is worth doing.

F-One is a well known, trusful and professional consultant company with high professionality and a long experience of the regulations and standards of China. F-One has processed about 10.000 products, and has provided compliance services to many wellknown companies, like Walmart and Fazer. Through the services of F-One the risks in the export sales to China can be significantly lowered, and the success rate in the customs clearance process increased. Also the consumer complaints and claims at the later stage, that are nowadays common can be better avoided.

The CEOs Mrs. Crystal Tong of F-One and Mr. Leevi Lassila of Food and Health Tech Finland are looking forward to the future cooperation in helping the european producers in entering to the enormous food market of China.

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