Finnish cereal products have particular features due to the  special growing circumstances of endless light on the northern latitudes. The circumstances make the grain delicious and healthy. The cold winter eliminate the major species of pests thus heightening the threshold for using plant protection chemicals, which rate of usage is very low in Finland.  Finnish cereal products are available in large scale as organic. Finnish cereal products contain no GMO. 


Among the healthy oils of southern countries, e.g. olive oil,  also the countries on the northern latitudes produce very healthy and delicious food oils, canola oil and hemp oil for example. They have the fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 just in the ideal ratio to get fully utilized by the human body and providing the best possible health effect.


During the ice age in Finland, several thousands of years ago, the rocks formed big, isolated reservoirs of water. The reservoirs are nowadays located in the springs underneath the thick rock and soil layers having very high purity and quality. The reservoirs are fully renewable. The water that Food and Health Tech Finland provides is pure spring water. The only process they have been exposed to is carbonating of such version of spring water.


Finnish wild berries grow in the unpolluted and nearly untouched forests. They contain the natural flavors, components and elements in natural quantities and ratios. For instance the Finnish wild bilberry (Vaccinium Myrtillus) has much higher content of anthocyanin than its North American cousin blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum). Anthocyanin is known of its effects in improving the cardiovascular health, eye health and possible cancer prevention. In the gentle processes where no original status of the berry is effected, delicious and healthy juices, powders, jams etc. can be produced from them. Berries and berry products can be used in many ways: just like that, mixed with yoghurt, müsli etc, or for baking, or as a part of a meal

or breakfast. Only imagination is the limit to enjoy the healthy effects and delicious flavors of the Finnish berries. Also cultivated berry products are available. Typical cultivated berries are black currant, red currant, strawberry

and sea buckthorn.


Honey is a traditional and well known product which has been used for many purposes because of its versatility and natural character. Finnish honey is available in many forms and in large scale with organic status. 


During a couple of recent decades Finland has created an alcohol manufacturing industry which produces finest alcohol drinks. The taste is often based on the berries and they have thus become very popular trend drinks in the modern bars, night clubs and restaurants of an international status. The assortment contains e.g. liquors and non-grape wines.


Due to the great number of lakes and amount of water in them, Finnish fish is available in large assortment. However, those who taste the great variety of salmon products or canned vendice easily get hooked to them.


Finland is well known of its high standard of public health services. Particularly the children’s health has always been a big concern in Finland and therefore it is on the highest level in the world. Due to that e.g. the rate of baby deaths is the lowest in yhe world. There are many kind of services and products available in Finland for improving the health, particularly the childrens health also elsewhere. Export of the health care products and services is one of the fastest growing lines in Finland. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any particular health product or service that you may be interested in.