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About Us

Finland! What? Why?


After the war period, since 1945 in about 45 years period Finland has climbed to the category of the healthiest and wealthiest countries in the world. The leading clue in the decision making has been the future concern. That is one of the principles that Finland has been promoting also further in the international forums. That principle has created high knowledge, awareness and concern of the environment and circumstances for life. 


The population density of Finland is low, only 15,5 inhabitants per km2. Natural and well cared resources for controlled exploitation are thus big per capita. Due to that and tight rules for industrial exploitation, large areas are left nearly untouched. Many natural resources, like mushrooms and berries are freely available to anybody in such areas. Such resources are fully renewable.


The climate conditions close to the Arctic Cycle are specific for the plants. The growing season is short with great amount of light as the days are very long then. Even the midnight sun appears in the middle of the summer. Due to the climate conditions the plants have particular, positive features the delicious taste being one of them. The low average temperature assures that there are not many species of pests jeopardizing the harvest. Usage of pesticides is thus minimized. Organic farming is very popular and organic food is available in large quantities. Finland produces many cereal- and berry products directly from the nature in the natural form and with minimized grade of processing. 


Finland has a large number of lakes. They are well protected and unpolluted. Finnish fish is thus natural and popular food. It is delicious and safe, and available in many forms.


Water in Finland is not only in the lakes. During the ice age, several thousands of years ago the rocks formed big, isolated reservoirs of water. They are nowadays in the springs underneath the thick rock and soil layers having very high purity and quality. They are  fully renewable.


Food from the finnish nature, like berries have many proven health effects. Also raw materials for finnish food are very versatile and can easily be modified to adopt the other food cultures and their tastes.  


Food and Health Tech Finland Inc. is an exporter for finnish food and health products and services assuring that the the international importers find the finnish products of the top level for further commercial utilization in their territories.


Don´t hesitate to contact us for further information or for additional information of any particular product that might be of your interest.     


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